Friday, March 21, 2014

Fat Beats Presents X-Men In X-Ercize #1

Fat Beats Presents X Men In X-Ercize #1

I had a request for this so thought I would throw it up for anyone else who hasn't seen it yet...

*Link Removed*

You can still purchase a copy of this @ Battle Sounds 

Peace to John Carluccio 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Mix Master Mike - Wrists Of Fury

The best thing about this Video is the Saafir footage of him Freestyling out in Mike's garage over a phat beat off the ASR-10! It also features Skratch Piklz out in London with the Cold Crush Brothers on the Train dropping some old school story telling rhymes while the others are banging out a drum beat with their hands and a pop bottle! The rest of the Video is mainly Home, Hotel, Showcase and Battle Footage..

(New Link Feb 12 2014)


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Battle Sounds Hip Hop Documentary (The 1997 Whitney Bieniel Cut)

Great Documentary From Battle Sounds. This Is The 1997 Whitney Bieniel Cut. Hopefully The 5 Hour Directors Cut Will Be Released In The Near Future.

Lots Of Great Footage & Interviews!


*Download Link Removed*

You can still purchase a copy @ Battle Sounds

Peace to John Carluccio 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Much Music Rap City Intros




Tuesday, May 8, 2012

DJ Mastermind - Tape #38 (Guess Who's Back)

DJ Mastermind - Tape #38 (Guess Who's Back)

I picked this up at Play De Record back in the Spring of 1998 during a Grade 9 Geography field trip to Toronto...

Friday, March 9, 2012

DJ M-Rock - The Best Of The Notorious B.I.G.

Today marks the 15th anniversary of Biggie's death and the homie DJ M-Rock just dropped his Best Of The Notorious B.I.G. Mixtape!

  1. M-Rock’s Intro
  2. Ten Crack Commandments
  3. Walk on By – Isaac Hayes *
  4. Warning
  5. Respect
  6. Dolly My Baby – Supercat +
  7. Me And My Bitch (Live)
  8. Can’t You See – Total +
  9. I’m Going Down – Mary J. Blige **
  10. The What ft. Method Man
  11. Rap Phenomenon ft. Method Man
  12. Think Big – Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard + Lord Tariq +
  13. Unbelievable
  14. Kick In The Door
  15. The Points ft. Redman, Busta Rhymes +
  16. Playa’s Anthem – Junior Mafia +
  17. Ya Playin’ Yaself – Jeru The Damaja ^
  18. Flava In Ya Ear Remix – Craig Mack +
  19. Benjamins – Puff Daddy +
  20. Get Money – Junior Mafia +
  21. Gimme The Loot
  22. Machine Gun Funk
  23. Ladi Dadi – Slick Rick *
  24. Hypnotize
  25. Dreams
  26. Real Love (Remix) – Mary J Blige +
  27. Clean Up Woman – Betty Wright *
  28. Everyday Struggle
  29. Everyday Struggle – FaithEvans ft. Raekwon **
  30. Real Niggaz Do Real Things
  31. Going Back To Cali
  32. California Love/Hip-Hop – 2Pac/Dead Prez ^
  33. Garden Freestyle – 2Pac +
  34. Gettin’ Money – Junior Mafia +
  35. Hit Em Up – 2Pac ^
  36. Who Shot Ya (Juggle)
  37. I Show Ya – LL Cool J ^
  38. Notorious Thugs ft. Bone Thugs N Harmony
  39. Dead Wrong ft. Eminem
  40. I Got A Story To Tell
  41. Juicy
  42. Realest Niggas ft. 50 Cent
  43. Da B Side – Da Brat, JD +
  44. Only You (Remix) – 112 +
  45. I Love The Dough ft. Jay-Z & Angela Winbush
  46. I Just Wanna Love You – Jay-Z **
  47. The World Is Filled
  48. Brooklyn’s Finest – Jay-Z +
  49. Party & Bullshit (Lord Finesse Remix)
  50. Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down – Brand Nubian *
  51. Cars + Sex
  52. Notorious
  53. P.S.K. (What Does It Mean) – Schoolly D *
  54. B.I.G. (Interlude)
  55. Been Around The World – Puff Daddy +
  56. Mo Money Mo Problems ft. Kelly Price, Mase, Puff Daddy
  57. Nasty Girl (Remix) ft. Jagged Edge
  58. I’ll Be Missing You – Puff Daddy ft. Faith Evans, 112 ^
  59. Keep On – D-Train *
  60. Crush On You – Junior Mafia +
  61. Big Poppa
  62. Between the Sheets – Isley Brothers *
  63. Fuck You Tonight (feat. R. Kelly)
  64. Be happy – R. Kelly +
  65. Bobby Caldwell – My Flame *
  66. Sky’s The Limit ft. 112
  67. Stay With Me – Debarge *
  68. One More Chance ft. Faith Evans, Mary J. Blige

^ About The Notorious B.I.G.
+ Features The Notorious B.I.G.
** Samples The Notorious B.I.G.
* Sampled By The Notorious B.I.G.

Liner Notes

  • “I’m here to bring the drama”. The 2pac and Big set (around 3 or 4 songs) is disturbing and going to get me hated on. I brought their whole beef to life but going from Pac’s ranting, to Big’s, to the sounds of Big sticking a gun in someone’s mouth, to Big’s own heartbeat dying down into death. I’m here to bring the drama.
  • The cuts on the whole tape are Preemo influenced. I’m getting more and more tired of the cuts I learned from the tablist era circa 98′, I want to take it back to that funky essence. Expect to hear simpler and simpler stuff on future tapes.
  • Think Big: That whole “Jay-Z You Don’t Know” type pattern was a lot of fun to come up with. I’ve been dragging my feet with production, but that right there wasn’t too far off from it. Sometimes my mixtapes are barely about mixing, but about making new hooks that really get into my fans’ ears.
  • The RNB section at the end: I’m less into tablism nowadays and more into this stuff, this really well-mixed or harmonized sequence of songs. This was the first part I started making, and I’ve had this whole section on repeat since I made it a few weeks ago.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

DJ Irie - Hectic Eclectic 2.0

DJ Irie - Hectic Eclectic 2.0

I'm a little late on this but still, DJ Irie hit me up about posting his new Mixtape called Hectic Eclectic 2.0 which is a a collection of hip hop, funk and breaks.

Click here for some more behind the scenes info about how this mix came about.

Also check out DJ Irie performing this mix live below..

DJ Irie Hectic Ecletic 2.0 Live @ Ustream from deejayirie on Vimeo.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

DJ M-Rock - The Best Of A Tribe Called Quest

DJ M-Rock - The Best Of A Tribe Called Quest

M-Rock dropped another best of Mixtape, this time featuring none other than one of Hip Hop's greatest groups ATCQ! M-Rock was saying he got a chance to check out an advanced screening of the new ATCQ doc Beats Rhymes & Fights this past weekend which he said was incredible! I can't wait to see it myself and am anxiously waiting. Here's what M-Rock had to say about this Mix...

"I’m the biggest Tribe fan so it brings me a lot of pleasure to drop this mix. I haven’t followed their solo acts much, but I watched them like a hawk growing up. In fact, the first piece of music I personally got my own hands on was their first album from the public library. I can talk all day about this group, its emotional for me in fact, because my fav. genre is hip-hop and after midnight marauders, hip-hop split into underground and pop, and I found both styles were trying too hard. Slum Village for example were so gangsta lyrically that it wasn’t believable, and on the other hand, Jay-Z was the same thing. Plus, hustling and bitches are not interesting (Tribe talk about women instead). Both Slum and Jay were hot but as for vibe and lyricism, I’m a lower-middle class kid and other than musical skill, I didn’t relate deeply to any of this shit. However, I did relate to Tribe. Tribe’s music is honest, it doesn’t have commercial appeal and it succeeded because these brothers were close and very gifted, far from the average. They got paid as a group and didn’t fight over cheques. When they started falling off, the beats got mathematical and sample-free, they went soft as they brought J-Dilla in, who’s ironically one of the rawest producers ever. I can even hear Tip mentioning his friends during Phife’s verse in “1nce again”, an ignorant thing on his part, a lack of chemistry that was all over the last 2 albums. I relate to all of this because I fell off as a tablist, wasn’t a team player myself towards the end of that phase in my career. With that in mind, this mix is none of those wacker moments, it’s the straight rawness of Tribe, the group that wrote classic verses on the bus (buggin’ out) or kept verses from their childhood (Tip wrote Bonita at 14). Go watch the movie, by the way, it’s incredible. This mixtape took 3 weeks which is why M-Rock Mondays have been nothing, and now that it’s done, I hope you all really enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it."

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Make Some Noise (Andrew Munger's 1994 Toronto Hip Hop Documentary)

The 1994 film follows then up-and-coming Toronto rap groups like Ghetto Concept, Nu Black Nation and MVP, creating what now stands as a wonderful time-capsule peek into Toronto's 90's hip hop community. The film also features interviews with some of the big players in Toronto's rap scene like Johnbronski, DJX, a pre-Canadian Idol Farley Flex and a whole bunch more.

Despite being a big success at the 1994 Toronto International Film Festival (the film was awarded Best Canadian Short), Make Some Noise never received major distribution and until now, remained buried in Canadian rap history. With Kardinal Offishall's Toronto Anthem blowing up Canadian urban radio, the recent 'happenings' over at CKLN (the campus radio station is prominently featured in the film) and it being Black history month, this is a great time to blow the dust off this Toronto hip hop classic." - Press Release

Thanks to Beneficial for the heads up!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

DJ Big Jacks & DJ Royale - Criminal Slang (Dedication To Big L)

DJ Big Jacks & DJ Royale - Criminal Slang (Dedication To Big L)

  1. Little Richard – Rill Thing
  2. Lord Finesse feat. Big L - Yes You May (Remix)
  3. Big L – Put It On
  4. D.I.T.C – The Enemy
  5. Children of the Corn – American Dream
  6. Big L – Holdin’ It Down
  7. Big L – MVP
  8. Big L – Street Struck
  9. Comments from Big L
  10. James Gilstrap – Move Me
  11. Big L – Flamboyant
  12. D.I.T.C – Internationally Known
  13. O.C feat. Big L – Dangerous
  14. D.I.T.C – Way Of Life
  15. N.O.T.S Click feat. Big L – Way Of Life (GG Blend)
  16. Joe Thomas – Polarizer
  17. Big L – The Heist
  18. 98 freestyle (Pt. 1)
  19. Showbiz & A.G. feat. Big L – Represent
  20. Big L – Devil’s son
  21. Big L – Danger zone
  22. 98 freestyle (Pt. 2)
  23. Big L – Platinum Plus
  24. D.I.T.C – Thick
  25. Big L – The Heist
  26. D.I.T.C – Day One
  27. Oliver Sain – On The Hill
  28. Big L – Platinum Plus Intro
  29. Big L – Ebonics/ DJ Premier Remix
  30. Bonus: 95 Freestyle feat. Jay-Z

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Mixtape Massacre Show - CKLN 88.1FM (Feb 12 2011)

The Mixtape Massacre Show - CKLN 88.1FM (Feb 12 2011) (Mixtape Massacre X Real Frequency X Powermove X Fantastic Voyage Ft Special Live Guests)

On January 28th 2010, the CRTC voted in majority to revoke CKLN 88.1FM's broadcasting license. This decision would have seen Toronto’s oldest campus based community radio station go off the air on February 12th. Last week saw CKLN get a grant of stay which will allow the station to continue to broadcast until the Federal Court of Appeal considers CKLN’s request for leave to appeal from the CRTC’s decision sometime in April?
Last week could of been the last show for the Mixtape Massacre but thanks to the Grant of Stay they came up with a little something special for this past Saturday's show. They decided to bring back the predecessors of the Saturday 1-4pm time slot, the one's who laid the foundation for Rap Radio in Toronto. You have Canada's Godfather, Ron Nelson who had the Fantastic Voyage Program from the early 80's to 1989. Next is DJ X who took over from Ron and renamed it The Powermove Show which ran from 1989 until 2000. In 2000 The Real Frequency Show took over from 2004 until they landed a spot on Flow 93.5FM that aired Monday Nights. The Mixtape Massacre took over from there and have been doing holding it down for the past 7 years! A few live special guests pop by from Thrust, Click & Michie Mee with DJ Mastermind and Frankenstein also calling in... I recorded this on Saturday afternoon and was surprised to see them play that K-Force Freestyle near the end of the show which is from the CKLN Radio Rarities & Demo's I posted in the Cold Front Record Release Party Post which you can find here!

You can also find last weeks show here courtesy of GrandGrooveDJs!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

DJ M-Rock - The Best Of Kanye West

DJ M-Rock - The Best Of Kanye West

DJ M-Rock from the Funky Technicianz Crew outta Toronto dropped his Best Of Kanye West Mixtape the other day. I remember going to M-Rock's house with B_ill back around 2001 to buy an Ecler Hak300 mixer from him that he had won in a battle. This was around the time of the Dirt Style Competition where you had to come up with a routine using only Dirt Style battle records. While we were there he showed is his routine he was working on. Ended up taking 1st Prize...

Here's what he had to say about making this mixtape;

I’m very proud to drop this mixtape, hoping it reaches the ears of people who love DJing, hip-hop and especially the music of Mr. West.

This man has had a career like no other. He has given classic beats and hooks to everyone from Janet Jackson to Rick Ross, he invented the soul sound, and what I like most about him is he has great vision. I can spend hours trying to explain how innovative this guy is, but I’d rather we get back to the matter at hand. His music has everything it needs to chart, get critical acclaim but you can tell he’s driving hardest at creating that classic sample-heavy hip-hop, soul and new school sound. I mean, how many guys do 60 mixes of a song before it comes out?

ABOUT THIS TAPE. I lack fanciness in writing and in the artwork (which I did myself), but I promise you my skills as a DJ are sharp as a ginsu on this tape. It took me 3 weeks, probably between 100 – 200 hours to get it right (I’m picky). I really went deep in to give music fans something articulate: scratches, digital juggles, lots of blends, studio edits and tricks. If you play it on an iPod or in iTunes, the tracks are all chapters and there’s a pic for every chapter representing the song. I’d like people to rate this among the best tapes ever, but you guys be the judge, diss it, love it, hate it, whatever, let me know what you think.


“Amazing job, haven’t listened to all of it but what I’ve heard is top notch. Good stuff man, thank you for sending it…” – Neil Armstrong, Jay-Z’s DJ

Sunday, September 26, 2010

DJ JS-1 - Sound Waves: Cold Cutz Remixes 2

DJ JS-1 "Sound Waves: Cold Cutz Remixes 2": "CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FOR FREE!!! DJ JS-1 'Cold Cutz Remixes 2' 79 minutes of exclusive turntable remixes..."

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

DJ Filthy Rich - Northern Touch Vol 1 (90's Canadian Hip Hop Classics)

DJ Filthy Rich presents Northern Touch Vol.1 (90's Canadian Hip Hop Classics)

Here's a mix of 90's Canadian Hip Hop Classics courtesy of my man Filthy Rich!

01. Rascalz, Choclair, Thrust, Kardinal - Northern Touch (Filthy Rich Cross-border ReFix)
02. Infinite - 360
03. Choclair - What It Takes RMX
04. Elemental - Living Underwater
05. Choclair - Jus A Second (Filthy Rich Cross-border ReFix)
06. Infinite ft Jay-Z - Can't Knock The Hustle Cuz I Gotta Get Mine (Filthy Rich Cross-border RMX)
07. Saukrates - Hate Runs Deep
08. Elemental - Drama
09. Maestro Fresh Wes ft Showbiz - Fine Tune Da Mic
10. Ghetto Concept - EZ On The Motion
11. Madlocks - Gusto
12. Citizen Kane - Black Rain
13. Wio-K - Sunlight
14. Nas-T Howie - Attic
15. Down To Erf - Learn To Earn
16. K-OS - Rise Like The Sun (Filthy Rich ReFix)
17. Citizen Kane - Structure, Foundation
18. Sic Sense ft Buckshot - Positional Bypass (Filthy Rich Cross-border ReFix)
19. Concrete Mob ft Mobb Deep - Boiling Point (Filthy Rich Cross-border ReFix)
20. Saukrates - Father Time (Filthy Rich Cross-border ReFix)
21. Rascalz - Really Livin
22. Ghetto Concept - Krazy World
23. Kardinal Offishall - Husslin'
24. Rascalz - Dreaded Fist (Filthy Rich Cross-border ReFix)
25. Kardinal Offishall - Naughty Dread Pt2
26. Redlife - Who's Talkin' Weight (original version)
27. Dan E O - Dear Hip Hop
28. Mathematik - Formation
29. K-OS - Musical Essence
30. Clarence Gruff - Mystery Unsolved

Thursday, September 9, 2010

DJ Boogie Boy - Take It Personal

I apologize for the long hiatus, summer was spent mostly looking for a new place, packing, moving, unpacking & buying shit for the new place etc... Al tho I did manage to rip a bunch of CKLN 88.1FM tapes that Neogeo found as well as digitized a bunch of DJ related VHS tapes that my man B_ill dropped off!

This is the last Boogie Boy Mixtape...

DJ Boogie Boy - Take It Personal


Side A:

1. Wild Style Intro
2. ?
3. ?
4. Nas - NY State Of Mind
5. Real Live - Real Live Shit
6. LL Cool J - I Shot Ya (Rmx)
7. Mic Geronimo - Life Check
8. Jay-Z - Dead Presidents
9. Das EFX - Microphone Master (Sewa/41 St. Side Remix)
10. KRS-ONE - Rappaz R N Dainja
11. Cypress Hill - Illusions (Rmx)
12. ?
13. S.O.P. (Smoked Out Productions) - Bok Bok
14. Special Ed - Freaky Flow (Premier Rmx)
15. Blahzay Blahzay - Danger (Remix)
16. Erick Sermon - Welcome
17. J-Live - Longevity
18. Group Home - Livin' Proof
19. Gang Starr - Tonz O Gunz
20. Mack Da Maniak - What Goes Up (Rmx)
21. Rubberoom - Body Snatch'n (On The Isle)

Side B:

1. Raekwon - Shark Biterz Intro
2. Fat Joe - Success
3. Fugees - How Many Mic's?
4. Mic Geronimo - The Natural
5. Special Ed - Lyrics (Buckwild Rmx)
6. Trendz Of Culture - Make A Move
7. Madd Skillz - Extra Abstract Skillz
8. Capleton feat Method Man - Wings Of The Morning (Rmx)
9. Jay-Z - In My Lifetime
10. Blahzay Blahzay - Danger
11. Method Man - The Riddler
12. KRS-ONE - Represent The Real Hip Hop Ft Das EFX
13. Mic Geronimo - Train Of Thought
14. Lord Finesse - Brainstorm
15. Reakwon - Ice Cream
16. Miilkbone - Keep It Real
17. Soul Kid Klik - Mortal Combat
18. Lords Of The Underground - Neva Faded
19. Crooklyn Dodgers '95 - Return Of The Crooklyn Dodgers
20. ?
21. Pharcyde - Runnin'

Side A / Side B

Friday, June 11, 2010

DJ Boogie Boy - On The Hunt (Chapter 1: The New Beginning)

I've been after this tape for a long time and thanks to GoodWilHuslin' it's finally here! I'm pretty sure this is Mike Boogie's 1st Mixtape from 1993 but I could be wrong, Anyone know? Enjoy another jam packed 4 track mix from Chicago's DJ Boogie Boy!


Side A:

1. Intro
2. Trendz Of Culture - Valley Of The Skinz
3. Kurious - Walk Like A Duck
4. Diamond D - You Can't Front Ft Sadat X & Lord Finesse
5. Nasty Nas - Halftime
6. Casual - That's How It Is
7. Das EFX - Mic Checka
8. Black Sheep - Similak Child (Rmx)
9. Pharcyde - Passin' Me By
10. Pete Nice & Daddy Rich - Kick The Bobo
11. Gangstarr - Gotta Get Over (Takin' Loot) (Large Pro Rmx)
12. Cypress Hill - Lil Puto's
13. Knucklehedz - Hed Rush
14. Das EFX - Straight From The Sewer
15. Redman - Blow Your Mind
16. Ultramagnetic MC's - Two Brothers With Checks
17. ?
18. Mad Flava - Feel The Flava
19. Leaders Of The New School - What's Next?
20. Wu-Tang Clan - Protect Ya Neck
21. ?
22. Black Moon - Who Got Da Props?
23. Hoodratz - Bootlegga (Instr)
24. Alkaholiks - Make Room
25. Da Youngsta's - Iz U Wit Me?
26. ?
27. Common Sense - Soul By The Pound (Thump Mix Instr)
28. Boogie Down Productions - We In There (Rmx)
29. Black Sheep - Flavor Of The Month
30. Onyx - Shifftee
31. Da Youngstas - Crewz Pop
32. Illegal - Head Or Gut
33. Raw Breed - Rabbit Stew
34. Trendz Of Culture - Off & On
35. KRS-ONE - Outta Here
36. Souls Of Mischief - That's When Ya Lost
37. Lords Of The Underground - Chief Rocka
38. Six Million Ways To Die Interlude
39. Cypress Hill - Ain't Goin' Out Like That

Side B:

1. Intro
2. Eazy-E - Neighborhood Sniper
3. BOSS - Recipe Of A Hoe
4. Ice Cube - Today Was A Good Day
5. BOSS - ?
6. Spice 1 - Niggas Got No Heart
7. ?
8. ?
9. ?
10. Fat Joe - Flow Joe
11. Black Moon - How Many Emcees
12. Beatnuts - Third Of The Trio
13. Da Youngsta's - Who's The Mic Wrecka
14. Poor Righteous Teachers - Black Business
15. Cypress Hill - What Goes Around
16. Rumpletilskinz - Sweet Therapy
17. Beatnuts - Reign Of The Tec
18. Ice T - Gotta Lotta Love
19. Poor Righteous Teachers - Nobody Move
20. Onyx - Bichasniguz
21. ?
22. Onyx - Slam
23. Erick Sermon - Stay Real
24. ?
25. Kool G Rap & Polo - On The Run
26. Lench Mob - Ain't Go No Klass
27. Beatnuts - Outro

Side A / Side B

DJ Boogie Boy - World Premiere

Mad props to GoodWilHustlin for hooking us up with another Boogie Boy Mixtape from 1995 called World Premiere! Enjoy!


Side A:

1. Intro
2. Craig Mack - Do You Have What It Takes?
3. Beatnuts - Hit Me With That (Hardcore)!
4. ?
5. Artifacts - Wassup Now MuthaFucka?
6. The Nonce - Mixtapes
7. Jeru The Damaja - Come Clean (Instr)
8. Black Moon - How Many Emcee's?
9. Notorious B.I.G. - Warning
10. Smif-N-Wessun - Wontime
11. Black Sheep - Without A Doubt
12. Cella Dwellas - Land Of The Lost
13. Mobb Deep - Shook Ones Pt 1 (Instr)
14. Mobb Deep - Shook Ones Pt 2
15. Craig Mack - Flava In Ya Ear (Rmx)
16. Lord Finesse - S.K.I.T.S.
17. Common Sense - Ressurection (Rmx)
18. Masta Ace Inc - I.N.C. Ride (Rmx)
19. Notorious B.I.G. - Who Shot Ya

Side B:

1. Intro
2. Big L - Put It On
3. Fugees - Vocab
4. Ill & Al Skratch - Chill With That
5. Group Home - Supa Star (Instr)
6. Nas - It Ain't Hard To Tell
7. Gangstarr - Mostly The Voice
8. Jeru The Damaja - Ain't The Devil Happy
9. Casual - ?
10. O.C. - Let It Slide
11. Lords Of The Underground - Flow On (Pete Rock Rmx Instr)
12. Pete Rock & CL Smooth - Get On The Mic (Rmx)
13. King Just - No Flows On The Rodeo
14. Keith Murray - Get Lifted
15. Redman - Can't Wait
16. Nine - Any Emcee
17. Showbiz & AG - The Next Level (Premier's Rmx)
18. Troubleneck Brothers - Back To The Hip Hop (Instr)
19. ?
20. Kenny Dope - Get On Down
21. Lords Of The Underground - What I'm After
22. Channel Live - Mad Izm (Rmx)
23. Jeru The Damaja - You Can't Stop The Prophet (Pete Rock Rmx)

Side A / Side B

Thursday, June 3, 2010

DJ Vinroc - Back In The Days

Been mad busy with work but I'm back to drop another classic mix-tape called Back In The Days! It's a lesser known mix from 1999 courtesy of 5th Platoon's DJ Vinroc.

DJ Vinroc - Back In The Days


Side A:

1. DJ Vinroc's Intro
2. D&D AllStars - 1,2 Pass It (Stretch Armstrong & Mighty Mi Remix)
3. InI - Fakin' Jax
4. Souls Of Mischief - Make Your Mind Up
5. K-Solo - Fugitive Ft EPMD
6. Eric B & Rakim - Microphone Fiend
7. KRS-ONE - Hip Hop vs Rap
8. Break Beat
9. Brand Nubian - All For One
10. Grand Puba - What Goes Around
11. Jungle Brothers - Straight Out The Jungle
12. LL Cool J - Mama Said Knock You Out
13. Eric B & Rakim - Don't Sweat The Technique
14. Leaders Of The New School - Too Much On My Mind
15. Digital Underground - Doowutchalike
16. Digital Underground - Humpty Dance
17. Ice Cube - Jackin' 4 Beatz
18. Big Daddy Kane - It's Hard Being The Kane
19. De La Soul - Me Myself & I
20. Black Sheep - Strobelight Honey
21. Chubb Rock - The Chubbster
22. Pete Rock & CL Smooth - The Creator

Side B:

1. DJ Vinroc's Intro
2. A Tribe Called Quest - Bonita Applebum
3. Pete Rock & Cl Smooth - I Got A Love
4. Crooklyn Dodgers - Crooklyn 94'
5. Grand Puba - I Like It
6. Pharcyde - Runnin'
7. A Tribe Called Quest - Electric Relaxation
8. DJ Vinroc - Interlude
9. Eric B & Rakim - Paid In Full (Coldcut Mix)
10. EPMD - Your A Customer
11. Mobb Deep - Flavor For The Non-Believers
12. Cypress Hill - Phunky Feel One
13. Cypress Hill - Hand On The Pump
14. DJ Vinroc - Cuttin'
15. Big Daddy Kane - Ain't No Halfsteppin'
16. D-Nice - Crumbs On The Table
17. Boogie Down Productions - Self Destruction Ft V/A
18. Lord Finesse - Party Over Here (Rmx)
19. Showbiz & AG - Soul Clap
20. Showbiz & AG - Party Groove
21. De La Soul - Keepin' The Faith

Side A / Side B

Maestro Fresh Wes - Let Your Backbone Slide (Video Shoot)

A glimpse into Maestro Fresh Wes' video shoot for Let Your Backbone Slide that was shot at The Concert Hall!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kish - Interview 1990

A quick late 1990 interview with Kish before he dropped his debut LP Order From Chaos!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Tribe Called Quest - Rare & Unreleased Instrumentals Vol 2

Picked this up while diggin' at Play De Record last weekend! Most of these Instrumentals were only available on the Show Vinyl pressed up by ATCQ themselves so I'm not sure whose behind releasing these? If I had to guess I would say these were all taken off the Show Vinyl from their first 4 albums and repressed up on Vinyl & CD! All good tho, it beats paying a few bills at least for one of the actual Test Pressings if your lucky to ever come across one. I've saw The Low End Theory Show Vinyl on Ebay but only Side C & D and it went for a few hundred. Sometime later I saw Aaron from The Tune Up who had the Beats Rhymes & Life Show Vinyl that was given to a friend of his from Ali Shaheed Muhammad. That didn't even last a day on Ebay so I assume he received an offer he couldn't refuse for it. Let's hope there will be a Vol 3 as I still need the Buggin' Out, 8 Million Stories & Keep It Rollin' Instrumentals...

A Tribe Called Quest - Rare & Unreleased Instrumentals Vol 2 (320K)


1. Excursions (Instrumental)
2. Midnight (Instrumental)
3. Jazz (We Got) (Instrumental)
4. We Can Get Down (Instrumental)
5. Youthful Expressions (Instrumental)
6. Lyrics To Go (Instrumental)
7. Rap Promoter (Instrumental)
8. The Chase Pt 2 (Instrumental)
9. Footprints (Instrumental)
10. Vibes & Stuff (Instrumental)
11. God Live Through (Instrumental)
12. Decsription Of A Fool (Instrumental)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Blahzay Blahzay - Danger (CDS)

Blahzay Blahzay - Danger (CDS)

1. Danger Pt 2 (Street Mix)
2. Danger Pt 2 (Instrumental)
3. Danger (Remix) (Street Mix)
4. Danger (Remix) (Instrumental)
5. Danger (Radio Mix)
6. Danger (Instrumental)

Here's a fresh 320 CDQ rip of Blahzay's 1995 anthem!

Erick Sermon - 1993 Interview

Rap City's Executive Producer Michelle Geister sits down with Erick Sermon sometime in late '93 to discuss the EPMD breakup, longevity, production, the current fads in Hip Hop & going solo...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

DJ X - The Powermove Show (CKLN 88.1FM) 1991

DJ X - The Powermove Show (CKLN 88.1FM) 1991

Another Powermove Show from the early 90's courtesy of NeoGeo! De La Soul's sophomore LP must have just dropped as this show features a few joints from the album... Also features music from K.M.D., L.O.N.S., Kool G Rap, Maestro Fresh Wes, K.G.B. (Kool & Gifted Brothers), Gang Starr, Brand Nubian, Main Source, Chubb Rock & ATCQ...

This is it for Toronto Radio Shows until NeoGeo hits me off with another box of tapes he found recently. Once I get those digitized be on the look out for more Powermove, Fantastic Voyage & Masterplan shows!

Side A / Side B

Monday, March 15, 2010

Coolio - 1994 Interview

1994 interview with Coolio discussing his upbringing, drug use, parenting and music videos!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Sway & Tech - Wake Up Show (The Gavin Special) (Feb 18 & 19 1994)

Sway & Tech - Wake Up Show (The Gavin Special) (Feb 18 & 19 1994)

Mad props to DJ Wicked who recorded this 2 night Gavin special on six 90 min tapes. This night is where the Wake Up Show Freestyles Vol 1 originated from...

The King Tech Wake Up Show Gavin Special 02.18.1994
Special 5-hour Live Broadcast 10pm-3am Friday Night 2/18/1994 with Sway, King Tech, Kevvy Kev, Mo (Motion Man) and Joe Quixx

-Part 1 with Co-Host Kool DJ Red Alert (47:28)

Grand Daddy I.U.
Freddy Foxxx
Wu-Tang Clan and Shyheim

-Part 2 with Co-Host Kool DJ Red Alert (47:42)

Wu-Tang Clan and Shyheim
Champ M.C.
Original Flavor and Jay-Z

-Part 3 with Co-Host Kool DJ Red Alert (47:17)

Hard 2 Obtain
Biggie Smalls aka The Notorious B.I.G.
The Fugees
Masta Ace and Lord Digga

-Part 4 with Co-Host Kool DJ Red Alert (48:28)

Masta Ace and Lord Digga
Milk Dee
Buju Banton
Born Jamericans
Gang Starr and Jeru The Damaja

-Part 5 with Co-Host Kool DJ Red Alert (47:23)

Krash Man
Odd Squad
2-Low and 5th Ward Boyz
Dred Scott

-Part 6 with Co-Host Kool DJ Red Alert (47:25)

Nas and Big L on The Dogg Pound on 103.3fm KSCU Santa Clara 02.19.1994 (3-6pm)

The King Tech Wake Up Show Gavin Special 02.19.1994
Special 5-hour Live Broadcast 10pm-3am Saturday Night 2/19/1994 with Sway, King Tech, Kevvy Kev, Mo (Motion Man) and Joe Quixx.

-Part 7 with Co-Host Funkmaster Flex (46:35)

The Nappy Headz
MC Eiht

-Part 8 (47:18)

Kool G Rap & DJ Polo
Tha Alkaholiks
MC Serch

-Part 9 (49:56)

Warren G and The Twinz
Maestro Fresh-Wes
King Just
Black Moon

-Part 10 (47:03)

Simple E.
The Whooliganz
Kool Keith

-Part 11 with Co-Host Bobbito (46:08)

Kool Keith
Nas and L.E.S.
Schooly D.
Jayo Felony
Yaggfu Front

-Part 12 (47:12)

Yaggfu Front
The Leigon
Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs
The Real Half Pint and Will of Rap Pack

Thursday, March 4, 2010

DJ B-Mello - Nine-Five Pt 2

DJ B-Mello - Nine-Five Pt 2

Got this directly from DJ B-Mello's blog!

"Previously I've grabbed all of my old mixtapes from other people's blogs from around the world. I finally had a chance to find some in storage. This one is from 1995 and it's great to hear one from this point in hip-hop. R.I.P. to Biggie & ODB who are no longer with us. Big Shout out to Mike Clark who transferred this from the original cassette tape. Enjoy!"

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Lost Hip Hop Instrumentals Vol 2

The Lost Hip Hop Instrumentals Vol 2

Here's Vol 2 of 3 of a Bootleg Instrumental series. Some are real, some are edits, some are loops..

A1. A Tribe Called Quest - Push It Along (Instrumental)
A2. Kool G Rap - Road To The Riches (Instrumental)
A3. Ultramagnetic MC's - Funky (Instrumental)
A4. Double X Posse - Not Gonna Be Able To Do It (Instrumental)
A5. Jungle Brothers - J-Beez Comin Thru (Instrumental)
B1. Beatnuts - No Equal (Instrumental)
B2. Craig Mack - Makin Moves Wit Puff (Instrumental)
B3. Jeru - Statik (Instrumental)
B4. KRS-ONE - Black Cop (Instrumental)
B5. Public Enemy - Louder Than A Bomb (Remix) (Instrumental)

Lord Finesse - You Know What I'm About (12 Inch)

Lord Finesse - You Know What I'm About (12 Inch)

The Promo 12" only had the Dirty Version and I'm not sure if the Instrumental was ever released elsewhere but you finally get it plus the Acapella! The B-Side was labeled to also include the Yes You May Remix Acapella but unfortunately did not which was a let down no doubt. A dope reissue of 2 essential Lord Finesse Cuts.


A1. Yes You May Ft Big L (T-Ray's Funk Flow Mix)
A2. Yes You May (T-Ray's Funk Flow Instrumental)
B1. You Know What I'm About (Dirty)
B2. You Know What I'm About (Instrumental)
B3. You Know What I'm About (Acapella)

Buckshot Le Fonque Ft Uptown - No Pain, No Gain (Salaam Remi Remix)

No Pain No Gain & Greg Nice's Set It Off are my favorite Salaam Remi beats!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

DJ Boogie Boy - Serch & Destroy

DJ Boogie Boy - Serch & Destroy

Mike's 93' Mixtape Chapter Two: Product Of The Environment got a good response so here's another one of his 4 track tapes from 96' called Serch & Destroy. Enjoy this shit!


Side A:

01. Boogie Boy Intro
02. Heather B - Da Heartbreaka
03. Mobb Deep - Street Life
04. Redman - Dats My Word
05. Mobb Deep - Back At You
06. Blahzay Blahzay - Good Cop Bad Cop
07. Broadway - Must Stay Paid
08. ?
09. Lost Boyz - The Yearn Ft Pete Rock
10. Mannish - Tasha's Room
11. Sadat X - Hang Em High
12. De La Soul - Stakes Is High
13. DJ Honda - Out For The Cash Ft Beatnuts
14. Almighty R.S.O. - The Wars On Ft Mobb Deep
15. Common - I've Been Thinking?
16. Nas - If I Ruled The World Ft Lauryn Hill
17. A Tribe Called Quest - 1nce Again
18. Nine - Famadalhyde
19. Chino XL - No Complex
20. U-God & Cappadonna - If It's Alright With You

Side B:

01. Pain In Da Ass Intro
02. Luciano ft Jungle Brothers - How Could It Be?
03. Smoothe The Hustler - Broken Language Ft Trigger Da Gambler
04. Lord Finesse - Actual Facts Ft Sadat X, Large Professor & Grand Puba
05. Organized Konfusion - Bring It On (Buckwild Rmx)
06. Raw Breed - Mouth Of Madness
07. Ghostface Killah - Motherless Child
08. Real Live - Real Live Shit (Rmx)
09. Chino XL - Kreep
10. Capone-N-Noreaga - L.A. L.A.
11. Royal Fam - Summin' Gotz Give
12. Fat Joe - Fire Water Ft Raekwon
13. Roots - Clones
14. Das EFX - Represent The Real Hip Hop Ft KRS-ONE
15. Saukrates - Father Time
16 Pop Da Brown Hornet - Black On Black Crime
17. Heather B - If Headz Only Knew (Instrumental)
18. GZA - 4th Chamber
19. INI - Fakin Jax
20. Group Home - The Realness
21. Heltah Skeltah - Letha Brainz Blo
22. Heltah Skeltah - Operation Lock Down

Side A / Side B

I'm still trying to find his Chapter One Mixtape Called On The Hunt A New Beginning pictured below; Yo Willie did you ever manage to digitize your copy? Or if anyone else has it please drop me a link!