Thursday, January 20, 2011

DJ M-Rock - The Best Of Kanye West

DJ M-Rock - The Best Of Kanye West

DJ M-Rock from the Funky Technicianz Crew outta Toronto dropped his Best Of Kanye West Mixtape the other day. I remember going to M-Rock's house with B_ill back around 2001 to buy an Ecler Hak300 mixer from him that he had won in a battle. This was around the time of the Dirt Style Competition where you had to come up with a routine using only Dirt Style battle records. While we were there he showed is his routine he was working on. Ended up taking 1st Prize...

Here's what he had to say about making this mixtape;

I’m very proud to drop this mixtape, hoping it reaches the ears of people who love DJing, hip-hop and especially the music of Mr. West.

This man has had a career like no other. He has given classic beats and hooks to everyone from Janet Jackson to Rick Ross, he invented the soul sound, and what I like most about him is he has great vision. I can spend hours trying to explain how innovative this guy is, but I’d rather we get back to the matter at hand. His music has everything it needs to chart, get critical acclaim but you can tell he’s driving hardest at creating that classic sample-heavy hip-hop, soul and new school sound. I mean, how many guys do 60 mixes of a song before it comes out?

ABOUT THIS TAPE. I lack fanciness in writing and in the artwork (which I did myself), but I promise you my skills as a DJ are sharp as a ginsu on this tape. It took me 3 weeks, probably between 100 – 200 hours to get it right (I’m picky). I really went deep in to give music fans something articulate: scratches, digital juggles, lots of blends, studio edits and tricks. If you play it on an iPod or in iTunes, the tracks are all chapters and there’s a pic for every chapter representing the song. I’d like people to rate this among the best tapes ever, but you guys be the judge, diss it, love it, hate it, whatever, let me know what you think.


“Amazing job, haven’t listened to all of it but what I’ve heard is top notch. Good stuff man, thank you for sending it…” – Neil Armstrong, Jay-Z’s DJ

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Stax Logic said...

This a really dope mix, nice selection of Kanye joints. Really well put together sequence, big up!
do you have a best of Kanye pt2 in the works?