Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Up In Jane & Finch

Today I'm Sharing Two Under Acknowledged & Lesser Known Albums Outta Toronto. When You Mention Classic Toronto Hip Hop These 2 Groups Are Rarley Mentioned & Most People Have Never Even Heard Of Them. Split Personality & The Godd Boddies Come Straight Outta Toronto's Infamous Jane & Finch Neighborhood (Where Organzied Rhyme Recorded Their Debut Video Check The O.R. For Street Credibility Thanks to King Lou From The Dream Warriors Who's Also From The Area).

Split Personality Consists of 2 Emcees JBizz (RaggaJ) & Blast Who Signed A Deal With A&M In 1993 & Released I Don't Know Shortly After. The Godd Bodies Also Feature 2 Emcees Knowledge Power & IGODEVINE & They Released Ill Visions In 1998. Also Included Are The Videos Of My Favorite Track From Each Group. These 2 Albums Are Essential 90's Toronto Hip Hop!

Split Personality - I Don't Know (1993) (Shout out to DJ Fase & DJ Law for the hook up & Living Underwater for the Cover)

1. Sick Of The Bullshit (Prelude)
2. Try & Stop Us
3. First Step
4. De Boom
5. Hanging Out (Prelude)
6. Don’t Stop Hip Hop
7. Hambush
8. Lyrica
9. Couldn’t do it
10. Stuck Up Girl (Prelude)
11. Still Sick Of The Bullshit (Prelude)
12. Girls & Rubbers (Prelude)
13. Condom
14. Ragga
15. J Is Rolling Up
16. One Step
17. Hip Hop In Finch (Prelude)
18. Respect Is Due (Prelude)
19. The Vibe
20. Ruff To Da Rugged

Godd Bodies - Ill Visions (1998) (Shout out to Z3 for the hook up)

1. Intro
2. Be Very Afraid
3. Who's That Lurkin
4. Intermission
5. Ill Visions
6. Prelude
7. Get Down On Your Knees
8. Stop The Talkin
9. Prelude
10. Interlude
11. I Know Myself
12. We Taking Wack Niggas To War
13. Intermission
14. Life Is A Hustle
15. Prelude
16. Our Word Is Law
17. Ill Visions (Radio Mix)
18. Insight
19. Change My Styles
20. Get Down On Your Knees
21. I Know Myself (Radio Mix)
22. I Know Myself (Remix)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

DJ Abilities - Finally

Eyedea's DJ, DJ Abilities comes correct for which I believe is his first mixtape from 97.

Side A / Side B <----New Link

DJ Eddie Def - Stuff Mixtape

A collection of Stuff from Bulletproof's Eddie Def!

Side A / Side B <-----New Link

Monday, October 13, 2008

DJ Jazzy Jeff - The Vibe I'm On

One mix tape you definitely need in your collection!

Peace to Spijkmaster on the cover.

Side A / Side B <-----New Link

DJ Q-Bert - Issue#1 A Pre School Break Mix (Demolition Pumpkin Squeeze Music)

Q-Bert's 1993 classic break mix!

Side A / Side B <-----New Link

DJ Rob Swift - Pure Moods

You heard Soul Child now check Pure Moods...

Peace to Spijkmaster on the cover!

Side A / Side B <-----New Link

Saturday, October 4, 2008

DJ Rhettmatic - The Boom Bap Collection

Here's DJ Rhettmatic from the Beat Junkies bringing you that West Coast Boom Bap for the late 90's!

Side A / Side B <-----New Link

DJ Rob Swift - Soul Child

Everyone knows about Soulful Fruit & Pure Moods but Soul Child is a lesser known Mix from that time. Rob Swift Gets Busy.....

Peace to
Spijkmaster on the cover!

Side A / Side B <-----New Link