Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rascalz - Rap City 1997 Interview

The Rascalz live on Rap City with Master T (who I saw not too long ago at Alberts Real Jamaican Foods up at St Clair & Vaughn) speaking about the early days, the canadian scene, the east coast west coast beef etc...

Fugees - Rap City Interview 1996

The Fugees drop by Much Music while on Tour in Toronto promoting their Sophomore album The Score!

Return Of The DJ - Vol 6

Return Of The DJ - Vol 6 (Thanks to DJS!)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Storm The Unpredictable - Stop Lyin' (7 Inch)

Storm The Unpredictable - Stop Lyin' (7 Inch)

I picked this up from UGHH back when it dropped. Stop Lyin' is the joint on here!

1. Stop Lyin' Ft Priest Da Nomad
2. I Hate When
3. Pause For A Minute
4. Up In You

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

DJ Roc Radia & DJ The Boy - Next Stop Brooklyn

DJ Roc Radia & DJ The Boy - Next Stop Brooklyn


Side A:
1. Send the Word
2. Train'n With Roc Raida & The Boy
3. X-Ecutioners - Raida's Theme
4. Comnpnay Flow - Vital Nerve
5. Mos Def - Universal Magnetic
6. East Flatbush Project - Tried by 12
7. Rasco - The Unassisted
8. Gangstarr - you Know my Steez
9. Rakim - It's Been a Long Time
10. Bustah Rhymes - Rhymes Galore
11. Brick City Kids - Brick City Kids

Side B:
1. Solo Transfer
2. Rob Swift's Words Of Wisdom
3. Cru - Armageddon
4. Compnay Flow - 8 Steps to Perfection
5. Dilated People's - 3rd Degree
6. Kool Keith - Get Off My Elevator
7. Ultra - Industry Is Wack
8. Flow - B-Boy Zulu Gremlin
9. Mike Zoot - Service
10. Rugged Brood - Lookout
11. X-Ecutioners - Countdown

Side A / Side B

DJ X - The Powermove Show (CKLN 88.1FM) 1990/91

DJ X - The Powermove Show (CKLN 88.1FM) 1990/91

Another 60mins of Vintage Toronto Rap Radio from sometime around 1990-91 courtesy of my man Neogeo.

Side A / Side B

Black Ceaser - Live On Rap City 1995

Black Ceaser performing his God Comes First Freestyle over Premier's Remix of Das EFX's Kaught In Da Ak on Rap City. Not sure if Black Ceaser was apart of UBAD or not...Anyone know?

Souls Of Mischief - Disseshowedo Live On Rap City

Souls Of Mischief live in Toronto on Rap City performing Disseshowedo off their classic debut 93' Til Infinty.

Bag-O Trix - Rap City Showcase

Toronto B-Boy crew Bag-O Trix showcasing live on Much Music's Rap City!