Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Mix Master Mike - Wrists Of Fury

The best thing about this Video is the Saafir footage of him Freestyling out in Mike's garage over a phat beat off the ASR-10! It also features Skratch Piklz out in London with the Cold Crush Brothers on the Train dropping some old school story telling rhymes while the others are banging out a drum beat with their hands and a pop bottle! The rest of the Video is mainly Home, Hotel, Showcase and Battle Footage..

(New Link Feb 12 2014)



Unknown said...

It looked for this VIDEO for a long time.
Is this mp4 file?
The file from 002 to 005 doesn't operate why.
001 operates.
If it is good, is up-loading by the high-resolution possible with it?
Or, this VIDEO will be able to be get somewhere.
The one to look for something looks for in case of being.

from sushi.
My best regards.

mistamixxx said...

was there two versions mine was different