Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Heretics - Patterns Of Chaos

The Heretics - Patterns Of Chaos

The meeting of The Iconoclast and Mikey Bingo was merely by chance, but it was their mutual respect for hip-hop which lead to the formation of The Heretics. Now, after years of recording at The Wastelands and finding a distinctive, raw sound, The Heretics are ready to be unleashed. Musically they can be described as a form of hardcore, lyrical hip-hop that stays true to the boom bap sound of times past. With an impressive amassment of songs recorded, The Heretics are now primed and ready to launch an all out assault that will establish them in the Hip-Hop genre.

Here is what they have to say about their new release. "Finally, here it is. This is the download link for Patterns of Chaos. It is a 19 track album that we are releasing for free. All we ask is that if you enjoy it, spread the word. Forward the link on, post it on forums you may be a part of, put it on torrent sites or limewire, burn cd's and give them away, anything to help the movement. A lot of hard work went into this album and its hard to give it away for free but with all of your help, it will be a worthy investment."


01. Patterns Of Chaos (Intro)
02. Most High Freestyle
03. Natural Selection
04. I'll Hurt You Freestyle
05. P.S.A. Freestyle Ft Devilz Speciez
06. Juggernauts
07. Fuck You
08. Souls Of The Dead (Interlude)
09. Rite Where You Stand Freestyle
10. Hold On
11. Trouble Freestyle
12. Unnatural Hazard
13. Message From The Heretics
14. Skit
15. Dirty Decibels Freestyle
16. Blessings Freestyle Ft Devilz Speciez
17. The Truth Freestyle
18. Chronicles Of The Fallen
19. Endless Abyss (Outro)

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Im checkin it right now!!! Sounds dope!! Was this an album that just never came out???

Andyman187 said...

Nah, I went to college with them and this is their latest mixtape they just released digitally!

Glad your feeling it tho, Hold On is my joint!