Wednesday, October 7, 2009

DJ Vinroc - Reconstruction

DJ Vinroc - Reconstruction

This is for anyone who doesn't have this in their mixtape collection. A must have... Vinroc does it up proper!


Side A:

1. Difficult Steps
2. I Think I Got It Made
3. Reminisced Out
4. Brand Nu Beatdown
5. Dapsychochild Rocka
6. So Watcha Yo
7. Daleaderssabbcoaster
8. let the juice hit em
9. PE Gets wicked

Side B:

1. Deep Thinkin
2. Igotchaprops
3. Canicheckdajazzio
4. Da JB's on da road
5. De la la
6. Gas Sheep
7. Salleygotthatsecret
8. Sumthinlikedaschecka
9. Thewanteasystar

Side A / Side B

1 comment:

The Dynamic Hamza 21 said...

As someone who doesn't have this in my collection..I thank you.

I seen this on the net for a couple years but never heard it. I'll be adding it to my mp3 player today.

Peace & Blessings