Sunday, January 18, 2009

Space Travelers - Space Traveling 101

Space Travelers - Space Traveling 101

Another Bulletproof mix from 1996, this time on some out of this world type shit...

Side A / Side B


thesupremeunknown said...

Awesome Andy, I had this and lost it over the years and I have been itching to hear it again. Any chance you still have the old DJ Marz tape? The Brain Language CD I am quite sure is missing stuff that was on the tape.

Andyman187 said...

Nah I never had that tape. I know I have DJ Cue - Who's On 1st Mixtape that I will post soon but no Marz mixes unfortunately.

bzrwon said...

Yeah I had a copy of this I got off slsk years ago but I deleted from my HD and the disc I burnt it to got trashed. Cheers for the up and linkage.
Dom here's a link for DJ Marz - Brain Language

I will post it to you as well bro.
Keep up the great work guys, you rock!

TapeDigger said...

thanks a lot for this!
i kept on diggin your blog and keepon finding truejewels...

big up