Saturday, August 30, 2008

DJ Tony Touch - Tape #51 (Taino Turntable Terrorist)

Coming off the summer with the freestyle extravaganza The Power Cypha, Tony Touch is back for the fall of 96 with another tape full of the hottest shit out.

Side A / Side B <-----New Link


Anonymous said...

Do you have the tracklist of this mixtape ?


Andyman187 said...

No track list sorry.

DOUBLE said...

Thanx for smacking me upside my head w/ the touch #51.. Be on the lookout for Touch #'s 46-50 over @ "recognise the real" blog...i sent em to my dude for him to post on his site! be easy... T

sosa said...

Thanks. any way we can get Tape #52?

Anonymous said...

found the tracklist on discogs:

but the tape is called "drastic measures" instead of "taino turntable terrorist".

so which one is the right name?

Andyman187 said...

If you go to Tony Touch's site #51 is listed as Taino Turntable Terrorist. I don't see a cover on the discogs link so I would assume someone just made that name up?