Friday, August 8, 2008

DJ Quest - Ill Blends Vol 1

DJ Quest - Ill Blends Vol 1

Real nice Blend tape from DJ Quest. Not sure if this is the same Quest from the Scratch Hamsters or not but still. Just take a look at the track list if you need convincing...

Side A / Side B <-----New Link


Roy said...

Great work, Andyman!

DJ Filthy Rich said...

nice post andyman!
i could be wrong, but i don't think this is the same dj quest from the hamsters (if i remember correctly, they were from the west coast, and this quest is from the east coast....i think it might be philly. i own a few of his mixtapes from back in the day). plus. im sure the hamster quest would have mad scratchin all over the tape lol

MoreShots said...

for some reason Z-share wont download!!
i know a few people having the same troubles.

any chance of rapidshare / megauploads?

NEED to hear some of these tapes!

props for the blog.