Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Justo Presents The Mixtape Documentary

Since Gildog blessed us with Mr Freeze's 12th Anniversary Party, I thought I would drop another Documentary where you can put some more faces to those Mixtape DJ's names. I know the Diggers Union have been posting some clips from this Doc but here it is in full for anyone who hasn't checked this out. A great behind the scenes look at the mixtape game from the prespective of the DJ's themselves. R.I.P. Justo! Thanks for your contribution to the Mixtape game...

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

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S.O.U.L. said...

Thanx alot for this one.

DJ Mista Reese said...

thanks for this ... it's a real treat.. thanks

agnew said...

first, thanks a ton for all the hard work & dope material. but....i tried to watch this and thought it was kinda wack, didn't even get through it.
still really appreciate the effort, but did u guys actually watch/enjoy this?

The Big Sleep said...

Yeah, thanks for this. For more Justo, he did a brief interview for Ron G's promotional DVD Legends of the Game, in early 2005 (just before his death in May). I ripped it and put it on my site if anyone is interested.

(I'm one of your "followers" by the way and I've meant to say this for a while now but thanks to Rekordz On Wheelz for including my little niche collection among your links. I think a lot of people don't link to me because my spot's so selective and obscure but every bit of press definitely helps and I'd gladly return the favor if I was running a normal blog instead of a tribute site.)