Monday, February 23, 2009

Stretch & Bobbito - Freestyles Vol 2 (1992)

Stretch & Bobbito - Freestyles Vol 2

Hieroglyphics, Kurious Jorge, Artifacts, Zhigge, Prep, Murder One, Tamer D, Ghetto Communicator, Critical Mass, Prince Poetry, O.C., K-Solo, B-1, Legion Of Dume, Micah Nine, Everlast, Lord Sear, I-Kim, Sugar Ray, Kool Keith, Nugget, Craig G, Grim Reaper, Baby G, Fat Joe, Jay-D, Prince Powerule, 8-Off, YZ, King Sun, Gizmo

Side A / Side B

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marioka said...

I'm loving all these series of Freestyles of Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito. I think I had more of these series in DVD-R's, but I don't know where they'll be..

Specially, the freestyles at the last minutes, with the bassline of 3rd Bass, are crazy, mad real hip hop.

Thanks, Andy.