Saturday, October 4, 2008

DJ Rob Swift - Soul Child

Everyone knows about Soulful Fruit & Pure Moods but Soul Child is a lesser known Mix from that time. Rob Swift Gets Busy.....

Peace to
Spijkmaster on the cover!

Side A / Side B <-----New Link


Anonymous said...

Nice shit. I got this tape here.
But I don't have a digital version

Out of respect check this out
Pure moods

With original cover


Anonymous said...

This is the original cover of Soul Child

Do you have this tape of Jazzy Jeff ?


Andyman187 said...

Thanks for the covers Spijk!

Yes I have that Jazzy Jeff Tape I'll throw it up today!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I had this tape for years and then someone from my house.
I have searched for this for a long, long time! One of Rob Swift's best mixes from this time!
Big Props!

Anonymous said...

hi can you please re-upload this mix?
thanks :)

Anonymous said...

can you upload this again. I've been looking for this over 10 years now..