Sunday, September 28, 2008

Custom Live DJ Tape - Battle Sets

ISP Live at Fresh 97, just ISP, then ISP/Noize and First Rate, all together! (40 mins)
Battle For World Supremecy - DJ Noize (7 sets), Shortkut (5 sets) , and 8-Ball (2 sets)
1997 USA DMC - DJ Craze, Rhettmatic, and the winner - Slyce.
ISP live at Bomb Hip Hop Tour party.
1993/94 NMS with Mixmaster Mike, Roc Raida, Rob Swift, Honda, and a Funny crowd. Best bits.

Side A / Side B <---- New Link


Readybeeill said...

i got this tape from a guy in sweden way back in the day. I remember listening to the NMS shit and Noize blew me away with this phrasing. He is ill. Dope routines.

check his dmc 96 where he flips how high "so sick you can suck my dick. to my man raida ruckus..." to "to my man roc raida you can suck my dick" illness

Andyman187 said...

Hell ya! Noize had them routines & nobody could touch him!