Friday, July 25, 2008

Main Source - Live On Electric Circus 1991

Here's some Electric Circus footage from 1991 with a hella fine Monica Deol almost forgetting who she is introducing. MmmmmMain Source preforms Looking At The Front Door with Farley Flex & Kish in the house chillin. Small slip up from the Extra P @ 1:16. Is that Starting From Scratch I see at 0:56 at the bottom left in the blue collared shirt? Also included is some earlier footage of a shadeless Large Pro performing Atom!


b-ill said...

At the :56 second mark. I am pretty sure thats Dj Starting from Scratch.

I might be wrong but i doubt it.

Anonymous said...

yep thats him haha

Anonymous said...

yep thats him 4 sure..cant fogret those dopey looking he spent nuff time at starsound records b4 it became traxx records..used to see him on the reg on thursday's when new records came in...speakin of record stores....any of you cats rememember carnival records ? the one where you had to climb the stairs then get sardined into this lil store to check vinyl