Wednesday, June 11, 2008

DJ Mista Sinista & DJ Etch-A-Sketch - Sinista-Sketches

This tape was always constantly rotating through my Walkman back in the day. Gotta give a shout out to the big homies Wayne & B_ill for always hooking me up with dubs of all the real shit. Fuck a microphone, I was a mixtape fiend in my school daze & still am to this day. I just finished digitizing my mixtape collection, so if your a fan of that ole real shit such as The X-Men, Skratch Piklz, Beat Junkies, 5th Platoon, Scratch Hamsters, Stretch & Bobbito, Tony Touch Etc. this is the place for you. This tape features such artists as Gab Gotcha, Gangstarr, Mr Live with Tony Bones, Shabaazz The Disciple & Black Attack to name a few. Enjoy this classic mixtape! More to come so stay tuned...

Sinista Side / Sketch Side <-------New Link


Dirty Waters said...

been looking for this one good lookin.

Anonymous said...

Great djay
fok dop mxtape!

B-ill said...

What up Andyman,

It was always a pleasure passing on shit to someone who had the heart for it.



Juicecrew4ever said...

Thanks 4 this.I didn't know about this tape.You're da man.

Anonymous said...

i've been looking for this tape since my friend lost it in high school. can't wait to hear it again. thx dude.


Anonymous said...

Can you Re-up a download link for this mixtape? Thanks